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click for larger imageIn 1993, Tokyo Babylon 1999 was released. It was a live action movie based on the manga/anime Tokyo Babylon. It was only released in Japan and is not dubbed for US viewing. It's a very rare movie, and not that many Tokyo Babylon or X fans know of its existance. It takes place when Subaru is 21, and Seishirou is 30.











Seishirou Sakurazuka- Wataru Shihodo
Seishirou Sakurazuka- Wataru Shihodo

Subaru Sumeragi- Toshihide Tonesaku
Subaru Sumeragi- Toshihide Tonesaku

this summary was written by Pei Lee. (note: I will not edit this because it was not written by me.)

click for larger imageA high school girl named Kurumi is crying because she's been reprimanded by her teacher. Her two other girl friends try to comfort her, saying that anything the teacher said is not worth caring about, and that she'll feel better once she goes to Kaneyama's place. So the three of them go to the apartment. Four other girls, all about the same age as the original three girls, are already there.

Kurumi cries out hysterically, and her friends explains that their teacher Tanaka calls Kurumi "baka" just because she doesn't do well in class. Kaneyama then starts telling the girls that it's no coincidence that they get together here, that they are all "special".

"Tokyo is a strange place. With all the big disasters (*he lists the earthquake and the fire and the death rates*) that have happened here, if people want, they could have chosen any other places for a capital. But people still choose Tokyo, because Tokyo is _that_ special."

The camera shifts out, and we see a man wearing sunglasses standing outside Kaneyama's apartment, smiling. (Guess who this person is? ^_^;;)


21 year old Subaru is chanting a spell, trying to get a ghost out of a girl's body, while her parents watch on nervously.

Once the ghost is forced out, he starts laughing, saying that Subaru's power is decreasing because of the hatred in Subaru's heart. And the ghost tells Subaru:
"You'll soon be able to meet with the man you hate."

Subaru gets irritated by these words, and turns to confront the ghost. The ghost leaves, laughing.

Subaru then tells the parents that the exorcise is over, so they rush toward their daughter.

The daughter, Haruka, looks up, and focuses her eyes on Subaru, while Subaru thinks about the ghost's words.

"I'll soon meet with 'him'?"


Kaneyama awakes from his sleep, sensing someone in his room.

His o-fuda's burn out. And a voice speaks, "Have you finish the Spell of Seven Stars?"

Kaneyama demands his identity. The man we saw earlier appears, and said, "I am Sakurazuka-mori."

"You assasin!" Kaneyama start to chant a spell. And Seishirou raises up his right hand and says that there are worms eating up Kaneyama's body. Kaneyama lifts up his comforter and sees the worms; he screams.


Kurumi comes to Kaneyama's house, crying, saying that she's sorry to bother him this late, but that things have gotten so bad that she can't even talk to her mom about it. (*not sure about this part.*)

There's no reply. She sees something that shines in the dark, so she turns on the light, and finds Kaneyama dead. Then she sees a wooden box with a seal on. She tears up the seal, opens the box, and finds a book titled "Onmyodo Spells/Curses". (*don't remember the exact words. ^_^;*) She takes the book and runs out.


A man (most likely someone in the police force? and a helper of the Sumeragi-clan) is talking with Subaru. He tells Subaru that Kaneyama, who has learned onmyojutsu from Sumeragi-ke and has disappeared for some 10 years, has been found dead. He adds that Kaneyama is killed by Sakurazuka-mori. Subaru lifts up his eyes. He then tells Subaru that Subaru's grandmother is worried about what Kaneyama was up to before his death. (*I don't remember his name.. Let's just call him Hayashi for now.*)

Hayashi then takes Subaru to Kaneyama's room. Subaru sees the opened box, and picks it up.


All seven girls has gotten together to discuss about the book that Kurumi got from Kaneyama's room. Kurumi remarks that the book has called her and tells her to take it with her. As the girls wonder about what they should do, one of Kurumi's friends starts saying that they should use the spells to fight with "enemies", all the bad people in the world.

Another girl questions whether they really have the power to use the spells, so the girl, who has come up with the idea of fighting, said that they will experiment the spell on a person who's decidedly bad. She decides the victim, "Tanaka".


On the school yards, the seven girls watch the teacher Mr. Tanaka walking through students, as one of Kurumi's friends lists some of the "charges" against Tanaka. The charges include kicking out a student right before graduation, on charges of taking part time job, even though the student was doing it because of his/her mother's sickness. The girls decide that the man is "guilty".


Hayashi shows Subaru the corpse of Tanaka. Subaru decides that the man is killed by the Spell of Seven Stars, and explains to Hayashi that it's a cursing spell of onmyojutsu.


The seven girls look out from the roof of a building, as one of the girls said, "It's great!"

The girl, who came up with the idea of using Tanaka to test their strength and who has now apparently assumes a leadership position, starts saying that the seven of them are "special", that they are different from everyone else. Then the other friend of Kurumi notices that Kurumi looks a bit depressed, and asks her what is wrong. Kurumi replies that she didn't think that Tanaka would die. The leader remarks that Tanaka deserves it, and leaves the matter like that.

At the time one of the seven girls starts a confession that she has been raped (*not sure about this part. I think she said raped*) by three guys, and she has wanted them dead for a long time. She then folds up her sleeves, and shows the other girls that she has attempted suicide before.

The girls looked at the wound, and the leader says, "We've got to carry out the punishment."

Kurumi looks somewhat troubled, but she follows them.


As the police investigate the death of the three cursed guys, Hayashi asks Subaru if it's still the same spell. Subaru replies affimatively. Hayashi then remarks that all four victims apparently have done really bad things and are being hated by several people, so that it's likely that some of their victims might have employed certain onmyoji to kill them. Subaru comments that the spell casted is stronger than necessary. The stronger a spell is, the stronger its "reflection". Pro's know about this, so they wouldn't cast spells that are stronger than what's necessary for the job. Subaru concludes that it must be amatures.

As Subaru stands alone at the crime scene, he hears the laughter of that ghost again. He also feels some "youki" (*evil atmosphere?*) still remained at the crime scene, so he follows it, and grabs the arms of one of the seven girls, who are among the people crowded near the crime scene. Subaru asks her what's her relationship with the three guys. The girls panic, push Subaru down, and run away.


The girls wonder who Subaru is, the leader decides that Subaru must be their enemy.

We see a reddish worm(?)-like creature crawling near the girls.


click for larger imageAs Subaru walks back towards his apartment, he notices someone hiding in the corner. The figure turns away, so Subaru runs after it. Grabing the arm of the figure, Subaru asks, "Why did you do such a..." He stops abruptly, realizing that it's not who he has thought to be, but Haruka. Haruka asks what Subaru was talking about. Subaru replies that he mistook her for someone else. Haruka then confesses that she has wanted to see him again badly, so she has been waiting outside his apartment. Subaru asks her if she has waited for a long time, but makes no comment when she nods. Haruka, embarassed, said goodbye and turns away. Somehow she gets her bravery back again, and turns back to give Subaru a present. Subaru accepts it and just said thanks. Haruka, now totally embarassed, apologizes and runs away, almost in tears.

Subaru walks back to the apartment, and he hears a familiar voice saying, "You were quite cold (to that girl)". He looks up and sees Seishirou standing at the top of the stairs.

Seishirou continues to remark that Subaru has grown stronger at places, that by giving that girl a cold shoulder, it makes it easier for the girl to give up. Subaru, while trying to control a mixture of emotions, drops the present, and angrily replies that he does not want to carry such a conversation with Seishirou, who doesn't understand human emotions. So Seishirou says that he'll only talk about what he comes to tell Subaru.

Seishirou tells Subaru that his job apparently has not been completely done, that when he killed Kaneyama, he has thought that it would be sufficient to just kill him, and not the girls. But he realizes his mistake now, and he would have killed the girls offhand, had Subaru not been involved. He continues to explain that Kaneyama has gathered the seven girls, who have been hurt emotionally in school and family, in order to finish his spell. Kaneyama has invoked in the girls an incredible power by telling these wounded souls that they are special warrior chosen to save the world.

Upon finishing his talk, Seishirou starts to leave, but was called again by Subaru, who said that they have not yet finish clearing up their problem (*fight?* don't know how to translate 'kecchaku'. ^_^;;) Seishirou replies that he will watch how the girls turn out for a while, so that Subaru should wait patiently until this matter is over.


On the school yards, Kurumi's two friends have been doubting whether Kurumi's really sick, when they see Subaru walking toward the school. They hide themselves and decide to call everyone.


Kurumi is sick on the bed (*floor*) when she hears the door bell rings. She looks out, and finds Subaru, so she tries to run away by taking the back door, but is quickly caught by Subaru. As she struggles with Subaru, she starts seeing hallucination. Subaru, seeing the red-/blood-ish creature on her shoulder, throws the creature down, and is convinced that Kurumi is one of the people who cast the Spell of Seven Stars. Kurumi admits her involvement.


Four of the seven girls gather around a phone booth as the leader calls the other girls. Then they are haunted by ghosts (*or hallucination caused by that creature?*) and run out of the booth. They believe that it's Subaru's doing.


Six out of the seven girls gather themselves in a school art room. They try to flip through the spell book to see if there is a way they can fight back.


Back in Subaru's room, Subaru is chanting a spell to help Kurumi to get rid of the "kasanagi" (sp?). After he gets done, Kurumi's beeper beeps. Kurumi looks at the numbers, and said that is from the other girls. She calls the other girls from Subaru's room and tries to explain to them that they have been doing the wrong things. The leader asks Kurumi if Subaru is right beside her, so Kurumi looks toward Subaru. Subaru grabs over the phone and tells the girls that "the world isn't going to end" and that "there isn't anyone being chosen to fight for the 'end of the world'". (*Kind of funny. Considering that in X Subaru will be one of the seven _chosen_ ones.* ^_^;;)

The girls call him their enemy and starts chanting a gyaku-shingo. Subaru reflects the spell back. Then he asks Kurumi to take him to the girls.


The six girls are now puking and suffering from all sorts of hallucination as the result of what they've done.


When Subaru gets to the art room, all six girls are lying on the floor. As some of them get back their consciousness, Subaru apologizes, but says that worse things will happen if they don't stop using the spells. The leader of the girls retorts back, saying that they have done nothing wrong; that Tanaka and the other three guys are bad people, and they have done justice killing the four. Subaru replies that it's not right to use their power out of hatred, and that they have no right to punish others.

At this time the girls discover that one of them has completely loses her consciousness. Subaru tries to help, but is pushes back by the other girls, who blame that girl's condition on Subaru. Then the five girls start chanting the spell again. Fearing that he would hurt them again, Subaru does not fight back and is pushes out by the girls' power.

As the girls wonder whether they have finished off Subaru, they hear a footstep coming. It is Seishirou. He walks toward Subaru and examines his wounds, remarking that Subaru has not changed a bit for not reflecting such a low level spell back. Then Seishirou turns to the girls, saying that they have given up their last chance to be rescued.

The girls ask Seishirou if he is Subaru's friend. Seishirou replies "no", and tells those girls that they have been mistaken, and that the world is not decided by justice, but power. He approaches to kill the girls, but stops at Subaru's voice, who has now gotten back on his feet. Seishirou asks if Subaru is going to protect those girls, and gets a affirmative reply. Subaru approaches Seishirou, asking Seishirou whether he really doen't feel anything, killing off so many people. Subaru continues saying that even though he is a onmyoji, he cannot forget about Hokuto's death. Seishirou smiles and asks Subaru if he wants to be like his sister.

The two of them starts to fight. They both get wounded. Subaru attempts to start fighting again, but is stopped at a girl's voice.

"Stop, Subaru," said Haruka. But it's not Haruka.

Subaru recognizes the tone to be that of Hokuto's.

"This girl's feeling toward you somehow creates a resonnance with my, so I can talk through her like this," explains Hokuto.

"It's not right to use your power out of hatred. Didn't you just tell those girls the same thing? I have not wanted you to avenge my death."

"But why? You were killed by Seishirou," asks Subaru.

"Your power is not to be used for my sake. Think well about the meaning of losing Sumeragi-ke, no, the whole world. This is my last wish." (*I don't get this sentence. She said "ushinau", right?*)

With that Hokuto leaves in a light, leaving only an unconcious aruka on the floor.

As Subaru is immersed with thoughts of Hokuto, Seishirou picks up his sunglasses (that has fallen during the fight), and said that he's almost gotten there, but the intruder has to come in. ("mou sukoshi datta no ni, jama ga haita")

Subaru turns to approach Seishirou at this remark. Seishirou continues to say, "It was fun. We meet Hokuto as well."

Subaru looks as if he would start a fight again, but Seishirou just said "Sayoonara".


Subaru, holding Haruka in his arms, comes out of the school, with the seven girls following him. Hayashi comes to greet him, and asks about Haruka and the other girls. Subaru said that he's been helped by Haruka, and that as for the other girls who have gone the wrong roads, they'll just have to be lead back on the right track. And Subaru comments that, "It's the same for me."

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All screencap images were used by permission from Project Babylon, the only and BEST resource on the Tokyo Babylon 1999 live action film.

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